Gaming is fun. That’s the truth. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s an online game, an offline game, a computer game, or something else.


People like playing games. The evidence is in the extensive existence of games you can buy both online and offline. Not to mention the popularity of gambling. There is a reason that playing games of all kinds are popular and why video gaming is especially popular.

High-Speed Internet Availability 

Now that wireless is so fast, you’re going to see even more games on mobile devices that are as good as console type games. Not to mention that playing console games with good internet is more fun too.

More Types of Games 

There are games for every taste out there. You can play online games, games through Facebook and other platforms, and you can play the console games too. Anyone can find a game they like if they look for it.

Online Gaming Is Affordable 

Even if a person cannot afford to buy a console game and the physical game, they can often afford to play online games. Compared to other hobbies, even the most prominent gamer doesn’t spend as much as they might on another hobby like golf or model airplane flying.

It Feels Rewarding 

Playing games is popular because it speaks to your reward system. Most games today give you little feedback loops designed to make you feel good. They may simply be points or actual words like “good job.” Some games even send real prizes via the mail as well as downloadable goodies.

It’s a Social Thing 

Gaming at its heart is a social enterprise. People form communities for particular games that they like playing, and they share a common lingo that others don’t know about.

Calms Anxiety and Depression 

While playing games too often can have the opposite effect, many studies point to games helping people with depression and anxiety cope better by giving them a non-drug escape and mind-clearing thing to do that is almost like meditation to the brain.

Lots of “Better” New Releases 

One reason that gaming is so popular is that the industry is constantly releasing new versions of older games that are even better. Better graphics, better sound, better response from the controls, and so forth. The technology itself is super-exciting and advanced.

There is a lot to say about gaming that is good. Gaming can help you relax, forget about your day, and feel accomplished all in one night. It’s fun and exciting. Even though there is some controversy with types of games available, kids do learn from gaming and it can satisfy a desire for escapism that some have.

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