Gratitude is such a powerful emotion, one that can make your life better in so many ways. It’s quite difficult to feel depressed or sorry for yourself when you are feeling gratitude.

How You Can Practice Gratitude Every Day

We all have problems in our lives that we have to deal with. Most people have a negative attitude towards problems and this can lead to a problem completely overwhelming them and making them feel depressed.

With an attitude of gratitude you will be able to see the positives in all of the problems that you experience in your life. Rather than having negative thoughts about them you will see them as opportunities for you to grow as a person.

In this way there is far less likelihood that any problem will overwhelm you or make you think negatively. Practicing gratitude regularly will give you a far more positive and optimistic outlook on your life so in this article we will provide you with some simple and powerful ways that you can practice gratitude each day.

1. Look at your World from a Gratitude Perspective

We understand that you are busy, but we want you to take time out during your day to observe your reality from a gratitude point of view. Focus on your surroundings and look for things to be grateful for. You will probably take these things for granted and it should be easy for you to identify them and appreciate them.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the things that you notice are. Just see them as providing a lot of good in your life and express your gratitude for them. Do this every day and in a very short time you will begin to do this on autopilot. You will look forward to these moments because of the feeling that you get from expressing your gratitude.

2. Write everything down in a Gratitude Journal

If you don’t have a gratitude journal then start one now. A simple notepad will do there is no need to buy something expensive. Make a commitment to make daily entries in your gratitude journal. When you wake up in the morning write 3 things that you are grateful for and the reasons why. Do the same before you go to sleep.

Also in the evening you can record the things that you have been grateful for throughout your day. There is real power in writing things down and you can reflect on your gratitude journal entries every week to inspire you to continue on your gratitude journey.

3. Practice being more Humble

To really get the maximum benefit from your gratitude efforts it is important that you work on your humility. We would define humility as showing more respect and modesty. It should be fairly easy for you to identify where you can be more humble in your life. Take this seriously and practice humility often.

4. Compliment others more

Make a commitment to giving at least one compliment each day. This can be a compliment that you give to another person or something in your life that you want to be complimentary about. When you give compliments to others note how they feel about this and what they say to you. It will make you feel warm inside and want to keep going with your gratitude.

5. Turn Problems into Opportunities

We have already talked about this. When you have an attitude of gratitude it will be much easier for you to see any problem as an opportunity for you to move out of your comfort zone and improve yourself. Start doing this right away. Each time you are faced with a problem think about what you can be grateful for with it.

Ways You Can Cultivate Your Gratitude

Most of us lead busy lives these days and it can be a real challenge to take the time out to think about the things in your life that you can be grateful for. But doing this is essential, as you will derive some incredible benefits from being grateful for what you have in your life right now. So in this article we have a number of tips for you to cultivate your gratitude every day.

Stop what you are doing and take a look around you

Make a commitment to pause at different times during the day and ask yourself the question “what can I be truly grateful for in my life?” You can also ask yourself “who are the most important people in my life and why am I grateful to them?”

When you ask yourself these questions your subconscious mind will come up with a number of answers for you. Take these answers and assess why the people or things are so important for you and express your gratitude for having them in your life. This will not take you long to do each day and will get you into the habit of looking for things to be grateful for.

Have a good look at yourself

Being grateful for the qualities that you possess is a very powerful way to cultivate your gratitude and increase your self esteem. Think about what you have achieved recently and the problems that you had to overcome. You can go back into your past for some good examples of this as well.

You can look beyond the things that you have achieved as well. What other traits do you possess that you are proud of? Do you provide acts of kindness to others? Do you have good empathy skills? Do you have a lot of love for your partner, your family and your friends? There are always lots of things that you can come up with about yourself.

What things do you take for granted?

When people are starting out on their attitude of gratitude journey they will usually think about the bigger things in their life to be grateful for but don’t limit yourself to this. The smaller things in your life are just as important to you.

Just open your eyes and take a look around you. If you are at home then notice the wonderful things that surround you to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Take a walk outside and notice the beauty of nature as well.

Have a Morning and Evening ritual

It is easy to forget about expressing your gratitude in modern life. So we recommend that you create a new routine where you will think about things to be grateful for in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed at night.
Think about 3 things that you can be grateful for at these times. It does not matter if they are big or small things. In the morning it could be the simple fact that you are grateful for a new day ahead. Write down the 3 things in the morning and evening in a gratitude journal so that you can reflect on these later on.

Show your Gratitude to others

Take every opportunity that you can to express your gratitude to others. When you do this the receivers will be very appreciative and this will give you a warm glow inside. In turn this will make you feel a lot happier to see the smiles on their faces and hear their words of appreciation.

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