Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. … Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. People feel and express gratitude in multiple ways.

How You Can Harness The Power Of Gratitude

There are many benefits to leading an gratitude driven life. You will be more optimistic and positive in your outlook, happier more often, and there are even physical and mental health benefits for you to enjoy.

Too many people take for granted the people and things that they have in their lives. They have an attitude of “lack” meaning that they crave things that others have or just want every shiny new object that appears. This kind of attitude never leads to happiness and contentment because there is always a hole in your life that you need to fill to be truly satisfied.

So in this article we are going to explain how you can harness the power of gratitude in your life and transform it from one of negativity and bitterness to positivity and joy. By embracing gratitude you will feel so much better about your life and this will bring health benefits as well.

Who has provided you with their help recently?

Take a little time out of your busy day and give thought to those that have provided you with their assistance. Ask yourself the question “who has helped me recently?” and then write down their names. This can be anyone that has given you advice and guidance such as a family member, a friend or a work colleague for example.

As you look at each of the names think carefully about what they did for you and write this beside their name. Then write them a “thank you” note to express your gratitude to them. You can even get them a small gift to show your appreciation. They will love this and will really appreciate that you were thinking about them and expressed your gratitude.

Go for a walk outside

If you are at home then go into your backyard and pay special attention to nature. Feel that fresh air in your lungs and express your gratitude for this. Notice anything that is happening in your yard such as a bee on a flower or a butterfly in the air. Listen to the birds singing and be truly grateful for nature.

If you have pretty flowers in your garden then rejoice in their beauty. Look beyond your yard and notice the environment beyond. When you venture outside there are so many things that you can find to be grateful for.

Get into the habit of Giving

When most people give something they expect to receive something in return. So use this to give to others and the only thing that you expect in return is their appreciation for what you have done. Accept that there are some people who are less fortunate than you and help them in every way that you can.

This will have a very positive impact on them and they will show their appreciation through their words and the expressions on their faces. Take all of this in as it will spur you on to give more and develop your attitude of gratitude.

Make the decision to live a life of Gratitude

When you decide to adopt an attitude of gratitude you will begin to see the good in most things. Any problems or setbacks that you experience will be an opportunity for you to grow as a person. You will no longer be stressed out by the problems that confront you.

Grateful people have a much more positive outlook on life and this is where you want to be. When you can harness the power of gratitude it doesn’t mean that all of your problems will disappear. But you will have the right attitude to tackle the problems in a positive way and gain from doing this.

The Major Benefits Of Gratitude

power of gratitude

A lot of people have heard that adopting an attitude of gratitude can transform their lives for the better but don’t believe that this is true. They are not prepared to make the change to a gratitude based life because they don’t see the rewards for doing this as being worthwhile. 
Well in this article we will discuss the major benefits of gratitude and hope that this will convert you to developing an attitude of gratitude. We hope that you will see that these benefits are truly life changing and that making the transition to gratitude is totally worth it.

Gratitude makes you Happier

Nobody can be happy 24 hours a day but when you have an attitude of gratitude you will be happier a lot more than if you don’t have one. How does this work? Well when you appreciate the things that you have in your life you will remove yourself from the “wanting” spiral.

Each time that you think about things in your life to be grateful for, and express your gratitude, then you will feel happy. You can do this several times a day there are no limits. Contrast this to someone who is constantly craving new things in their life. They are not going to be happy very often.

You will become an Optimist

Optimism is a great thing. It transforms your thinking from negative to positive. It gives you hope for the future and you will love the transformation. When you are a pessimist all you see is doom and gloom. You are scared of the future and what it will bring. Your life is controlled by events that happen around you rather than by you.
Optimism does not mean that you just blindly accept everything. What it does mean is that you are able to see opportunities all around you and that you have the confidence that your future is looking bright. If you had anxiety about your future before then optimism will help significantly with this.

Problems will not Overwhelm you

We all have to face problems in our lives and overcome them. For some people even the smallest problems can overwhelm them. For others the really big problems stress them out and they become very anxious. Most people have a very negative attitude towards problems that they face in their lives.
With an attitude of gratitude you will be able to see the good in everything. You will see problems as an opportunity for you to grow. For the larger problems it is a chance for you to learn and do things that you haven’t before. You accept that problems are a part of life and you believe that they will help you to grow as a person.

Physical Health Benefits

A lot of research studies have shown that people that have an attitude of gratitude strengthen their immune system which leads to all other kinds of physical health benefits. With a stronger immune system you will be able to fight off sickness and have the energy to keep going when others have to stop.

Mental Health Benefits

Gratitude is good for your mental health as well. With an attitude of gratitude you will prevent stress and if it does happen then you will deal with it a lot easier. Because expressing gratitude makes you happy it will release hormones that will brighten your mood as well.

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