Keywords in the Headings, Italic and Bold Tags and the Keyword Density, To achieve success in search engine optimization, you need to start out with on-page optimization before you will build inbound links to your website.

Keywords Headings

This post describes some important on-page SEO factors like keywords in the headings, italic and strong text and the keyword density.

SEO factor #1: Keywords in Headings

Keywords in the titles. H1 tag should be presented only once on every web page and usually is the same for the whole website.

As the H1 tag can be used company name and some motto. You must be creative to produce some nice slogan which also contains your keywords. The most general keywords should maintain the H1 tag.

The greater specific keywords usually are used in H2 and H3 tags.

As the H2 tag is recommended the page title and for H3 tags should be taken less important headings.

SEO factor #2: keywords in Italic and Bold Tags

An additional place to should put your keywords are strong and italic tags. As Matt Slashes confirmed, it is far from important if you use “strong” or “b” tags for the bold textual content and “em” or “i” tags for the italic textual content. Both of them can get the same value by Google.

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SEO factor #3: Keyword density

Keyword density in the page body. You should normally use your keywords in the written text.

Presently there is no ideal keyword density, but if the page contains a few words, the density may be greater than on a web page with thousands of words.

Anyway, the most frequent density of the main keywords you are targeting is usually between 3% – 6%.

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