Just how Many Words Ought to A Blog Post Be? There are a great number of gurus who claim to have the solution about how precisely many phrases a blog page post should be.

Blog Post

Yet, the reality is, there’s simply no real tried and true solution.

There are good reasons for having long, short and in-between blog site posts, therefore the best answer to this question will probably have a combination of all types of posts.

Brief Blog Posts

Keeping blog site posts brief, say under 500 words, is great for readers who may have short attention ranges also to update your readers on some thing exciting. Bite-sized content material is great to read while waiting around in line, in the doctor’s office, or when your audience includes a short break.

You get to the stage quickly, to allow them to move on to your call to actions.

  • Curated – You acquire the content you believe is pertinent that your audience should look at, and compose a short blurb or intro to the content.
  • Item Announcements – These don’t always desire a long post. You might just say that the item is ready or that is actually a good item, and link to where they can buy it which is normally a longer web page.

Many men and women are extremely successful with such type of blogging.

A real proponent of short posts that get directly to the point is Seth Godin and no person can deny his success.

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Medium-Length Blog Post

This is the type of articles many gurus swear by. Writing among 500 to one thousand words long is considered fairly standard for the industry.

Several blogging platforms in fact recommend keeping articles to no more than 600 phrases because you’re being too long-winded and perhaps off subject if you move longer.

Confining your writing to a certain word count may help you concentrate.

  • How To – This type of blog points out how to perform something that is usually very singular. Sometimes it uses images to obtain the point across.
  • Educational – Sharing information with your readers is often done in the medium-length post.

The majority of blog posts fall into this category. These are the perfect length to tell a tale, share information, and include a call to action

while including enough keywords without mind-boggling readers. HubSpot. com is a large proponent of the medium-length blog page post.

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Long Blog Posts

This is a post that much more than 2000 words long and in many cases are seen as more authoritative and the fact is, they may be excellent for SEO.

Google respects authority web pages more than specialized niche websites with hundreds of short web pages of content. Therefore , creating some longer posts.

Even up to 3500 words, can be ideal for your audience and search engines.

  • Case Studies – These by definition have to be long because you’re telling a story about something that is more in-depth. Case studies that are to brief will not inform the whole story.
  • Annual Reviews – If you have a huge enough business that you can create an yearly report, posting it for reading on your blog is an outstanding way to place content that will interest your readers.

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