The iPad is not a golden horned unicorn which is expert in every work it does rather it is mixed sack of good and bad previews from the consumers. The consumer arena not only appreciates a product rather gives the negativities of the product too.

Good Points:

  • It has a 3G Modem as well as a built in GPS. This makes the iPad 3G+WI-Fi more accurate and a faster medium in mapping locations as compared to the iPad Wi-Fi.
  • It has the HTML5 feature which is yet to be introduced into it and it is widely appreciated by the web wizards as they quote that it clears off all the clutter which is being caused by the HTML4.
  • The price of the iPad is also very pocket friendly so that anyone can easily afford it. It costs only $500 which makes it way cheaper than other products which have been priced at a range of $1000.
  • The battery life of the iPad is very good and it has a standby time of 1 month.
  • The storage capacity of the lowest model of iPad is 16 GB which eventually increases with the price and the model.
  • The iPad has in-built additional features like the digital compass, light sensor, accelerometer, 3G- assisted GPS and is multi-touch compatible too.
  • The iPad runs the third party applications without causing any modifications into them.

Bad Points:

  • The operating system is the same as iPhone which is the 3.2 version and it does not support the Operating system X, which makes it lack the ability of Multitasking.
  • The iPad lacks the feature of “Flash” which kind of, sets it back in the consumer arena.
  • The iPad is available at affordable prices but the lowest model does not support the 3G Feature.
  • The battery is in built which makes the situation worse if it dies.
  • It has no installed features like skype, no photos on the go etc and on top of it, the iPad has got no camera.

So check for these features and buy as per your need.

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