how you can boost Google SERP Rank by Improving Your PageRank? You will find varying ideas about the terms Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and PageRank (PR).

Google SERP

Many say that these two are completely different, independent and therefore are not related with each other while others say they are straight related, as you reduces the other comes after and as a single improves the various other one increases.

It doesn’t need to become an expert in SEO to describe the relevance, difference and relation of these two conditions.

Google Business Technology presented the algorithm, Just have an open mind and become familiar with this algorithm.

what exactly is SERP?

Search Engine Results Page is listing of Web pages proven or delivered by Search Engines (Google in this case) in reaction to searches built by Internet users.

Google shows a set of websites (usually ten per page) that is considered relevant based on the keywords employed by the searcher.

The first page or top SERP is the main page of and this is where every internet marketer wants their websites to become presented; to hold a position inside the top 10 websites that can be listed.

Possessing a rank in this important results web page will raise the possibilities of being visited by Online users because individuals searching the Internet seldom proceed the next web page of search outcomes.

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What is PageRank?

Therefore now let’s establish what is PR.

Mentioned in brief, PR is usually a trademark of Google, it goes only to Google and it is used to rank websites to show their importance, quality and popularity in the Internet.

Value of page rank is all about high quality links directing to a certain website. Right now there are many explanations why websites hyperlink to other websites, it might end up being there importance, useful content, reference or quality.

These links also offer because votes and the more high quality backlinks a website receives from other websites, it is assumed that its PAGE RANK will be higher. These links can be evaluated simply by Google and can be utilized in the computation of the home page’s PR.

Enhancing PageRank will Increase Your Rank in Search Engine Results Page

PageRank engineering: PageRank shows our view of the value of webpages by thinking of more than 500 mil variables and 2 billion terms.Wikipedia & Google Corporate Technology Overview

Pages that we think are important webpages get a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear towards the top of the search results.

The above mentioned is cited from Google Corporate Technology Overview (at time of this writing).

It is self-explanatory and clearly states that enhancing your PR can definitely increase your possibilities in landing at the top results.

Take note that this is just one way on how Google makes a decision which websites will be decided to be listed on top of SERP, another way will be talked about later.

Now, the immediate relation of PR to SERP is offered obviously here. If a website’s PR increases then your chances of having a good listing in Search Engine Results Page also improve but take note, this does not constantly work the additional way around or vice versa, possessing a low PR does not always mean a website’s status in SERP will reduce or drop.

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Your Rank in SERP Can Increase Despite having a Low or No PageRank

Hypertext-Matching Analysis: Our search engine also evaluates page content…. our technology analyzes the entire content of a page and factors in fonts, subdivisions and the specific location of each word. We also evaluate the content of neighboring web webpages to ensure the benefits came back would be the most relevant to a user’s query.

Wikipedia & Google Corporate Technology Overview

Once again, the previously mentioned is quoted from Google Corporate Technology Overview (at the time of this writing).

This is the second approach how Google decides which websites will be presented at the very top search results.

This method will not require the use of PAGE RANK but rather the importance of the content based on the keywords being searched by Internet users.

This is the reason why some websites even with zero or low PR or which are new in the Internet gets at the top ten search engine results.

This is also the reason why some webmasters might say to go for SERP and not PR, not knowing that PAGE RANK also plays an important role in SERP rank.

Is the content in relation to the keywords searched for the technique used?

They will don’t know that the significance of content compared to the keywords being searched is the technique being used on who countries at the top search results.

So in my opinion, if two competing Webpages having similar content and targeting the same set of keywords are found, the main one with the higher PR will be rightfully chosen.

Both of these are just an guide how Google presents its SERP, it can be using PAGE RANK, the use and relevance of keywords or both.

It really is a very complex process and presently no one really understands the latest algorithm used by Google as this is no longer announced or made known publicly, but be assured Google is definitely doing great in providing the most relevant search results in the Web.

Therefore in order to increase your website’s chances to land at the very top search results, to have got a good rank in Google SERP, place good content in your web site and increase its PAGE RANK by acquiring quality backlinks.

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