Buying expired domains to get PR, does this still work? I have done some tests over the past few months about expiring domains with PR to see if it will be worth your while to catch these expired and deleted domains.

expired domains

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Use expired domains

My idea why I actually would like to use expired domains maybe the notion that old domains are favored over new domains, and to get quick PAGE RANK.

So We set out to find removed domains with PAGE RANK which I can sign-up for. A single characteristic of domains I was searching for ways that the website still a new PAGE RANK, and this was still detailed in google.

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Experience with expired domains

I actually will not be talking about the actual domains here as I must control the results and prevent people from producing inbound links to domains.

expired domains

We registered about four domains, several have got PR2 and PR3. Several have got a couple of web pages found, a few have a couple of thousand. I also purchased a handful of new domains to get my new tasks.

Google seldom visits these domains

I discovered a way that google seldom visits these domains therefore I have to prime it yet which includes refreshing inbound links. After creating some inbound links to these domains, two domains ultimately lost their PR. Both of these domains have only a few web pages found on google. In a single domain, I do a 301 long-lasting redirect to the new index web page. This website maintained its PR. 1 key difference this domain has in comparison to the various other two is definitely this domain provides a large number of pages found in google.

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Use 301 and redirect it to a refreshing new domain name

In one more domain name, Used to do a 301 and redirect it to a refreshing new domain name.

expired domains

The end result is definitely that the new website got found quicker and more pages were listed when compared with one more new website We registered at the same time. Nevertheless, PR was straight down to zero.

Right now there is also a case where I did a 301 redirect from an old deleted domain with PR and never got any advantage from it.


In conclusion, there are usually still conflicting outcomes on whether buying deleted/expired domains. Some functions, some do not. Nevertheless, what appears to work is usually that…

a. Older delete domains do include traffic from existing backlinks. If the old domain name has tons of backlinks, it still does generate several traffic.

b. Other search engines such since yahoo and bing tend not to seem to come with biases against expired/deleted domains.

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