How can you create a google sitemap? A quick search on Google for advice upon creating a site map primarily threw up many links to software you could buy or download for free of charge to produce a site map.

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But why do you have to have a sitemap?

Essentially as websites obtain larger and more complex both human being browser and search engine bots need a hassle-free to follow the map to find all the pages within your site. A website map gives them a simple navigational tool.

Site maps have got 3 main benefits:

  1. A sitemap allows visitors to locate what they are searching for by just visiting your internet site map and simply clicking the link to proceed directly to the page they wish to visit.
  2. Often technologies utilized to aid in reading webpages such as website readers and screen readers can only follow textual content links. For practical reasons it might not continually be feasible to show a text link to almost every other web page within your site in your main web page and other web pages within your internet site and thus use a site map.
  3. Search engine spiders like text and textual content links. If they will not follow a text link to a page of your site it might not exactly get indexed. Make it possible for the spider to index all of your web pages through a site map.
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A site map involves the 2 things search engines love – text and keywords. To develop a good site map mix relevant keywords with a hypertext link. By way of example on your sitemap, you might have a hyperlink to your web page about website advertising so that your hyperlink ought to contain the words ‘website promotion’ and hyperlink directly to that web page within your site.

A site map does not need and indeed really should not be extravagant but should be very clear and straightforward to navigate.

Right here are several techniques for a good site map

  1. Place a prominent connection to your site map upon every web page and label it SITEMAP.
  2. This should show your webpages through different levels as basic text links.
  3. Use colors for links and visited links.
  4. It should display a fast, simple to stick to overview of the site with no necessity to scroll around in the web internet browser.

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Google began permitting men and women to send site roadmaps for their accounts as a way of letting google learn about your entire website and updates to your website. It will not enhance your page ranking it is worth taking the time to established up properly.

you can generate your sitemap online :

google sitemap

And when you are done, make sure you tell Google about your site map to allow them to trawl and hopefully index all the pages of your site.

A properly planned site map can make sure your Web site is fully found by search engines.

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