Some SEO Myths; We love SEO. I really like talking about SEO. Many non-SEO folk you talk to are generally very nice people. They could not understand all you say, but they often nod their head and smile. The open-minded could even ask you to look at their site.

SEO Myths

However, there’s the non-SEO “expert” (loosely thought as anyone who has a cousin in marketing) who symbolizes a different beast altogether. Well intentioned but misinformed, they believe SEO is normally urban legend, no much better than a Ponzi scheme.

Here’s what I must say to some of the worst offenders.

SEO is Dead

That is among the best SEO Myths that needs to be buried. It is annoying to listen to people say that “SEO is dead”.

What they do not understand is that SEO will continue steadily to live so long as search engines are around.

Every time a keyword is got into in search engines, users will see pages that are related to that particular search phrase, which is called SEO.

When advertisements surface, they are used for PPC marketing, which is another technique to gain conversions.

The Truth

Certainly, SEO is not dead as others says. It just proceeds to change and update once in a while. When comparing the past SEO methods with the present SEO tactics, there are numerous improvements.

It could be annoying when a strategy used for any SEO attempts is not successful and will not deliver the expected results. However, SEO is a huge site of both conventional and new strategies which make it foolish to declare that “SEO is dead”.

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Valuable Content Will Automatically Rank

Other SEO Myths is: The favorite phrase “content is king” is not totally correct. If it were, then those who spin the same content again and again should rank on top in search engines.

However, it generally does not happen that way.

A whole lot of spammers utilize this technique to get high ranking on search results but it is useless. As a matter of known fact, there has to be some changes like Valuable Content plus Great SEO Strategy leads to an increased Position.

The Truth

While it holds true that is value fresh, valuable content, this does not necessarily mean that there surely is no work needed for content to crawl and index alone.

Later, the crawler will see out about this content and index it but that is definitely not enough.

To draw search engines, crawlers have to be assisted to discover recently published content.

Creation and submission of the sitemap to Google will help its bot effectively crawl all active pages on the domain, signifying, Google will know where every web page is positioned on the website and the web pages that they shouldn’t add the SERPs.

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Some people say that “link constructing is dead” although some say “link building is dangerous”.

In reality, though, links are crucial and will continue being one of the most essential ranking elements. There are people who prevent Google penalties so they don’t prefer to have anything regarding link building and rather than SEO, use PPC.

You’ll want heard it often that “link constructing is dead” or “link constructing is dangerous”.

Such reasons caused this myth.

The Truth

Link building should be an essential component of SEO strategy, if not the major one. However, there must be real links highly relevant to the website and value added to the net.

Creating low-quality links is certainly risky. Improving a website’s ranking through low-quality links can make link constructing surely dead.

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As a result, it is advisable to create a great network for building backlinks and also make use of informative, high quality content that gives value to visitors and persuade various other sites to hyperlink with this content.

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