The JsaadTechnology OH&S ISO 45001:2018 is a complete documentation toolkit that even allows beginners to set up an effective ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management from scratch ...
All documents required by ISO 45001 are included, plus other optional policies and procedures that are most commonly used



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Cost effective implementation:

Do it yourself: Using the ISO 45001 TOOLKIT: All ISO 45001 documentation templates, forms, training tools and detailed instructions allow for an inexpensive internal ISO 45001 implementation. Profit: Much less expensive than a consultant, much less time than doing it from scratch Designed for beginners: clear step-by-step instructions, many explanations and easy-to-understand text without technical jargon. Effortlessly: All ISO 45001 procedures are easy to implement, which will minimize the burden on your staff. Creates Employee Involvement: Makes the benefits of ISO 45001 evident so that your employees accept and support ISO 45001.

Improved performance:

Added Value: All ISO 45001:2018 requirements have been developed into an efficient process that adds operational value to your business and increases productivity. Effective: only minimal efforts are required to follow the procedures and meet all the requirements of ISO 45001. Lean: Bureaucracy and excessive paperwork have been eliminated from every process - while remaining fully compliant with ISO 45001:2018. Complementing each other: All procedures and forms are designed to complement each other for increased efficiency. Reduces exposure to corporate responsibility through special processes and refined wording.

Easy customization:

Easily customize templates and pre-written documentation forms in MS Word (version 2007 and newer) to create your own ISO 45001 personal documentation that fits the individual circumstances of your business. Detailed customization instructions allow beginners to edit and customize ISO 45001 documentation and forms. Most forms and checklists will not require any customization other than adding your company logo. It does not matter if your business has one location or multiple locations: Our models are designed to work for both and require only customization.

What is included with my toolkit?

Your toolkit will contain:

+60 policies, procedures, controls, checklists, tools, presentations and other useful documentation.
Gap Assessment checklist.
Statement of Applicability (ISO45001 required document).

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